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Hulu signs deals for 'Fraggle Rock' spin-off, 'Cheers,' and more CBS classics

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the doozers (wallpaper crop)
the doozers (wallpaper crop)

Hulu is preparing to launch its first original children's show, a spin-off of the classic '80s series Fraggle Rock. According to Variety, Hulu will be the exclusive US home to The Doozers, which turns a group of supporting Fraggle Rock characters into the centerpiece of a new series. Just as with Fraggle Rock, The Jim Henson Company is a co-producer of the series, only this time with the production company behind Yo Gabba Gabba! along for the ride. Hulu will have 52 episodes ready to air on April 25th.

CBS deal brings everything from 'Cheers' to 'Jericho'

The Doozers has previously run in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa, making it only a "Hulu Original" by virtue of its exclusivity. But that's not bad news for Hulu subscribers: while Hulu has struggled with producing its own original content, it's had somewhat better luck in taking existing series and folding them into its library. With the names and history behind it, The Doozers may be a valuable addition in a budding content category for streaming services.

Alongside the announcement of its first original children's show, Hulu also announced an expanded lineup of both new and classic series from CBS. The new lineup gives Hulu subscribers access to a wide selection of shows, from Cheers and Happy Days to Everybody Loves Raymond and 7th Heaven to Jericho and Elementary. CBS will now have over 5,300 episodes from its catalog available on Hulu — more than doubling what it initially launched with back in late 2012. The Wrap reports that CBS' new additions will become available over the coming weeks.