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'House of Cards Against Humanity' lets you get as vulgar as Frank Underwood

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House of Cards - Netflix - Spacey
House of Cards - Netflix - Spacey

Cards Against Humanity is rarely about being polite, and Netflix apparently thinks that crass tone has a lot in common with Washington, DC. To promote the second season of House of Cards, Netflix has partnered with the card game to create an expansion pack themed around the show, which it's appropriately titling House of Cards Against Humanity. While the name alone should be enough to make it a beautiful partnership, the pair put together 25 wonderfully inappropriate and surprisingly relevant cards that fit right in with the existing game.

The expansion packs include Mad Libs-style quotes from House of Cards and ribs against Netflix itself, while the cards for filling in those blanks include the type of over-the-top inappropriateness you'd expect from the game — this time with just a bit of a political twist. Though Netflix and Cards Against Humanity were initially giving out printed sets of the expansion pack for free, they ran out of stock after just two hours. Fortunately, just like the full game itself, you'll be able to print out a PDF of all the cards to make them on your own for free. As for when you'll get to play with the new cards, it'll be your responsibility to carve out a block of time around binge watching House of Cards season two when it premieres this Friday.