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Best New Apps: Hello SMS

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Straightforward, simple SMS

best new app
best new app

Ever since Google clunkily integrated SMS into Hangouts and killed off the standard SMS app, I’ve been on the hunt for a better text-messaging app. I’ve tried Textra, Sliding Messaging, and even newcomers such as Evolve SMS, but they’ve all let me down in one way or another. Fortunately, I’ve found Hello SMS, a straightforward, simple SMS app that’s good-looking and easy to use. It fully replaces the built-in messaging app on your Android phone and feels like something Google itself could have built.

Hello SMS features a tabbed interface for your conversations (with most recent conversations at the top), trendy circular avatars, a clean design, and a pleasingly light color palette. It has built-in emoji support and timestamps, easy group messaging, and a simple image picker that makes sending pictures a breeze. You can quickly reply to a message right from a notification, call the sender with one tap, or simply mark it as read. If you’re looking to ease the pain of sending messages on your Android phone, download Hello SMS now.

Download it for free for Android.