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Samsung teases the power of 5 in new TouchWiz icons

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New icon set for 2014's flagship Galaxy

samsung unpacked 5
samsung unpacked 5

A week ago, Samsung sent out invitations to its first big Unpacked event of 2014 — taking place on February 24th — with the prominent inclusion of the number 5 in the title. Today, the company's buildup steps up with the revelation of a new icon set, hinting at a redesigned TouchWiz interface and extending the theme of 5. Each of the newly rounded and flattened icons includes the superscript 5 after its name, suggesting Fun, Speed, and Life to the power of 5.

Images have already leaked suggesting a lighter TouchWiz for the upcoming Galaxy S5, though they haven't shown this kind of gradient-free, minimalistic look before. Then again, Samsung did say that it wants to take its flagship Android phone "back to basics." As to the S5 itself, the inclusions of Outdoor and Fitness titles among the teased apps could suggest new functionality to assist an active lifestyle, while the Privacy link may be a hint at Samsung seeking to capture the present desire for greater anonymity.