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Microsoft delays today's Xbox One update, now coming later this week

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Xbox One lead 2040px
Xbox One lead 2040px

Microsoft has revealed today that it's delaying the February Xbox One update. The software maker originally unveiled details of the update last week, with plans to release it to consoles later today. Microsoft’s Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) revealed the news on Twitter, noting that the company plans to release it this week, but not today. "The team is working on finalizing," says Hryb.

Microsoft’s February Xbox One update is primarily focused on managing content and displaying battery life for controllers. The update will allow Xbox One owners to see what has been downloaded and installed, and separates out the My Games and My Apps sections to make it easier to manage large libraries of games and apps. February’s Xbox One update will also add the option to use a USB keyboard with the console, along with "lots of behind-the-scenes updates" for developers and gamers.

Alongside the delay notice, Microsoft also launched a new headset for the Xbox One, and detailed its upcoming March update further today.