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Radiohead's eerie smartphone app lets you draw and explore in a 3D world

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Radiohead just quietly released a new app for iOS and Android, and it's about as tripped-out as the rest of the group's recent work. It's named PolyFauna, and lead singer Thom Yorke took to the band's blog today to announce the app, calling it an experimental collaboration between Radiohead and UK-based design studio Universal Everything. The game makes use of audio from the band's 2011 track "Bloom" off their album The King of Limbs, combining them with artist Stanley Donwood's signature apocalyptic aesthetic.

According to Yorke, the game "comes from an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious." That sentiment shows in some truly fascinating, sometimes alarming ways. The player can create wormlike constructs by swiping her finger across the screen and watch them fly above a hilly, two-tone wasteland a la Motorola's Windy Day story app. It's a bit terrifying, in fact; the figures themselves look jagged and imposing, while oftentimes a red blinking dot will catch your eye and fly directly into your view, slamming you into another barren playing field. This game will definitely get you odd looks. Fortunately, that seems to be Radiohead's aim.