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Supreme Court to hear broadcasters' arguments against Aereo on April 22nd

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The Supreme Court announced today it will hear the arguments between Aereo and television networks Walt Disney, Fox, ABC, NBC, and others on April 22nd, according to Deadline. This date comes just one month after the court agreed to hear an appeal from the networks that claim Aereo's TV streaming service violates copyright law by retransmitting signals without paying the fees that cable and satellite providers pay.

Broadcasters want the Supreme Court to specifically review a decision made on April 1st, 2013, by the US Court of Appeals in New York that rejected their request for a preliminary injunction against Aereo. This hearing will likely not be the final battle Aereo will fight against networks, but as CEO Chet Kanojia has said in the past, the company is ready and willing to go to court believing its antenna technology system is legal.