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Rdio's latest update on iOS sheds ties to the desktop with reviews, playlist editing

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Rdio for iOS (stock)
Rdio for iOS (stock)

For the past two years, Rdio's music app for iOS has come with a maddening deficiency. You could create and listen to playlists ad nauseam, but if you wanted to make any major changes to them, you'd need to head over to a computer. It was such a basic thing, and one that's now been fixed as part of a software update that went out today. Now you can move tracks around, add other people to collaborate on playlists, and customize what artwork is shown up top.

Coming to Android later

The update also adds user reviews, another seemingly small addition that very nearly cuts the need to run back to the desktop app. Reviews turn out to be a very important part of the Rdio experience. It's where the company stores information about artists and albums — complete with professional reviews — and where users call out tracks they like. These things are all here now on the iOS app, and Rdio says they'll come to Android users "down the road."