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Comedy Central's 'Dumb Starbucks' parody is headed to Brooklyn after being shut down in LA

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Dumb Starbucks (twitter)
Dumb Starbucks (twitter)

Late last week, a rather bizarre parody of coffee giant Starbucks popped up in Los Angeles. "Dumb Starbucks" turned out to a Comedy Central-sponsored joke that duplicated everything about the ubiquitous coffee retailer — except it put the word "dumb" in front of everything in the store, including the full menu, "dumb" CDS, and of course the coffee shop's name. Comedian Nathan Fielder revealed the stunt in a press conference outside his Dumb Starbucks shop yesterday — and while the Starbucks corporation hadn't yet moved to shut the location down, the LA location is now a thing of the past. Within just a few hours of Fielder's press conference, the LA county department of heath services had closed the door on Dumb Starbucks for operating without the proper permits.

However, the rather ridiculous parody appears to be far from over. At Fielder's press conference yesterday, he announced that Dumb Starbucks would make its way to Brooklyn, as well. Whether or not the east coast Dumb Starbucks location will learn from the fate of the LA shop remains to be seen — but we're imagining that Fielder and Comedy Central aren't very concerned with the location's longevity. The Dumb Starbucks is essentially a promotion for Fielder's series Nathan For You a show that focuses on Fielder's fake attempts at turning around struggling businesses by offering bizarre advice and strategies. it seems likely that Dumb Starbucks could be part of a future episode in addition to being a promotional vehicle for the show — we'll surely find out more when the parody coffee shop lands in Brooklyn a few weeks from now. Fielder is also going on The Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight, surely to talk about his latest business venture.