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In this new 'Transcendence' trailer computers are the future of evolution

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Transcendence publicist still (WARNER BROS.)
Transcendence publicist still (WARNER BROS.)

Cinematographer Wally Pfister has been realizing the worlds of director Christopher Nolan since Memento, and this year he's going to be taking his own turn behind the camera with Transcendence. While we'd already gotten a glimpse, this latest trailer gives us a better sense of what the plot of the film will be. Johnny Depp plays a scientist whose consciousness is uploaded into a computer system after he's attacked — with potentially disastrous consequences. Given that Nolan serves as executive producer, perhaps it's no surprise that the trailer hits all the right emotional notes while still promising an adventure filled with grand stakes. With Kate Mara (House of Cards), Rebecca Hall (The Prestige), and Morgan Freeman amongst the cast, the film certainly has all the acting talent it needs to succeed when it opens this April.