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Time capsule containing Steve Jobs' 1983 Apple mouse excavated

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Steve Jobs time capsule
Steve Jobs time capsule

Last year, a long-lost time capsule containing numerous relics from the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado was dug up. Among the items was a mouse used by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, something that was shown off on video earlier today by CNET. The clip actually comes from the National Geographic Program Diggers, the group that tracked down and unearthed the time capsule, which was buried as part of the conference. The large, sealed tube was originally set to be dug up in 2000, but those plans went afoul when the land where the capsule was buried changed hands.

Buried with a Rubick's cube and beer too

The mouse comes from Apple's Lisa computer, a machine that was a commercial failure for the company but also one that paved the way for the first Macintosh in 1984. Jobs had used it during a speech at the conference where he spoke about the company's goals to create portable computers, wireless networking, and make email more readily available. Some other items that were buried with the mouse and sealed up in plastic bags include a Sears Roebuck catalog, a Rubick's Cube, an eight-track of The Moody Blues, and a six-pack of beer for whoever ended up digging up the capsule.