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Verizon's rumored 'More Everything' plans could double monthly data caps

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Verizon Wireless store (1020)
Verizon Wireless store (1020)

Verizon is set to unveil a new set of service plans that double data limits for some customers, and discounts monthly service for those on its Edge upgrade program, according to a new report. Citing sources — and what looks like a Verizon store flyer — Droid-Life says "More Everything" plans are coming from the carrier tomorrow. On paper, the new plans double the amount of data on Verizon's existing 500MB and 1GB shared plans, and bump up the 2GB plan to 3GB per month. Verizon customers that are a part of the Edge program also get $10 off their monthly bill if they have plans that are 8GB or less, and $20 off if they have a plan that's 10GB and higher, moves designed to attract people to the early upgrade program. Along with the changes, the More Everything plans also include unlimited international messaging, and 25GB of Verizon Cloud storage per line, something Verizon typically charges customers $2.99 a month to use.

Verizon's teased the changes

Earlier today, Verizon promised that its "next game changer" was arriving tomorrow, with the tagline "#More is coming." The plans could come just weeks after major changes by rival AT&T to its Mobile Share pricing, something designed to give new and existing customers lower price options by eliminating subsidies. By comparison, these new Verizon plans steer customers to its Edge program with the discounts, and offer open enrollment in Edge for anyone who bought a phone before November 13th, 2013. We'll know more tomorrow.