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Square Cash now lets you request money from friends

Square Cash now lets you request money from friends

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Square Cash's sheer simplicity has made it my go-to service for sending money to friends, and now Square's hoping to make requesting money just as simple. Starting today, you can cc in an email (instead of like usual) to request money from one or more friends. The recipients of your email, assuming they've signed up for Square Cash, will receive an email with a button to "Send Cash." If you've requested money from multiple people, a new page on Square's website lets you check in on who's paid and who hasn't. The barebones Square Cash app for iOS and Android has also been updated with a Request button right next to the Send button.


The ability to request money from friends is nothing new for payments services such as Chase QuickPay, but Square's implementation is once again notable for its minimalist user interface and flow (of group reimbursements, especially). Square hasn't yet said how it plans to make money with Cash, but perhaps it's instead aiming to simply introduce more people to using (and trusting) Square. As the company quickly expands to everyday retailers like Starbucks and most recently Whole Foods, it needs all the brand recognition it can get. In order to speed along sign-ups, the company has even offered to send $1 to every new user.