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Creepy iPad hit 'The Room 2' launches on Android

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The Room 2
The Room 2

iPad gamers have been able to enjoy the deliciously creepy puzzles of The Room 2 since December, and now the game is finally available on Android. Today developer Fireproof Games has launched The Room 2 on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store, where you can pick it up for $2.99. The studio warns that the game requires "a fairly powerful device with a decent amount of RAM in order to run." The Room 2 is essentially a bigger and spookier version of the original, which was named Apple's iPad game of the year in 2012. "We wanted to expand what we knew worked," Fireproof's Barry Mead told The Verge in December. "We thought the game was really successful, and we thought 'Right, we can do that bigger and better next time.'"