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Google wants to help you get steamy in front of a fireplace

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Fireplace (Flickr)
Fireplace (Flickr)

Replacing analog, real-world items with cold digital equivalents is hardly a new concept — even the fireplace has gone digital in a variety of forms. Now Google wants to throw its hat in the ring with a new, entirely superfluous Chromecast feature that lets you stream music to your TV and enhance the mood by adding a bright, warm fireplace scene. It's not that dissimilar to the fireplace videos that you can stream over Netflix during the holiday season — but Google suggests pairing it with some Barry White to heat up your Valentine's Day. If you're in Google Play Music, you can activate the feature by navigating to the "labs" features under settings — once activated, you'll see the fireplace instead of album art. As with all Google Labs' features, however, this could go away at any time, so enjoy your virtual fire while you can.