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'House of Cards' Season 2 is available now on Netflix

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House of Cards Season 2 (NETFLIX)
House of Cards Season 2 (NETFLIX)

Just over a year ago Netflix released the first season of House of Cards, proving that an online streaming company could make a television show with the kind of quality and production values to rival the very best programs out there. Now it's back, with all 13 episodes of the Emmy winner's second season now available for streaming on Netflix.

Starring Kevin Spacey, House of Cards follows the manipulations and machinations of scheming US politician Francis "Frank" Underwood and his wife Claire (Robin Wright). Kate Mara and Michael Kelly fill out the cast as reporter Zoe Barnes and Underwood's right-hand man Doug Stamper. Given the trouble the players got into last season, there's no doubt going to be quite a bit of drama right from the start — and to give you an idea of what binge watching the full run is like, our own Ross Miller will be live blogging his experience as he jumps into the new season with both feet. Given the success Cards had during this past awards season expectations are certainly high, so to see how the creative team did the second time around you can head over to Netflix now.