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New trailers: ‘The Purge: Anarchy,’ ‘Brick Mansions,’ ‘Life After Pi,’ and ‘Drive Hard’

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Drive Hard screencap
Drive Hard screencap

It's Valentine's Day weekend, which obviously means it's time to head to your local theater to watch crime-hunting cyborgs. If for some reason that doesn't fit into your plans, however, there are always new options on the horizon — so let's take a look at some of the latest trailers to make the rounds.

The Purge: Anarchy

Last year The Purge took a fantastic conceit — a US that had stopped crime by letting citizens act out their collective rage during one night of total lawlessness — and paired it with a home invasion story. While the film wasn’t the thriller we’d hoped for, it performed well enough to warrant a sequel. This new installment takes a much more straightforward approach than its predecessor, but the doesn't make the masks any less creepy.

Brick Mansions

Paul Walker filmed this action thriller before his tragic death last year. A remake of the French film District 13, it's heavy on the use of Parkour — which means Mansions will have all the spinning, running, and wall-jumping that you could possibly ask for.

Life After Pi

At the Oscars last year Life of Pi took home the award for best visual effects, but when the staff of vfx house Rhythm & Hues tried to use the opportunity to warn of business problems the effects industry is facing they were cut short. Life After Pi takes a look at the company — which was eventually acquired — as part of a larger examination of the US film industry.

Drive Hard

In this action comedy John Cusack really likes e-cigs while Thomas Jane hides behind some sketchy hair and a pair of sunglasses. Is this real? Is it satire? With a name like Drive Hard, does it matter?