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US speedskaters may abandon controversial Under Armour suits for remainder of Olympics

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Under Armour speedskating
Under Armour speedskating

The US speedskating team has asked Olympic officials in Sochi for permission to abandon the Under Armour suits that may be contributing to underwhelming results on the ice. The Wall Street Journal reports that US team representatives made the request earlier today, though there's no guarantee that a switch will be made — even if they get the OK. Apparently the Under Armour controversy has caused something of a division on the team; roughly half of the skaters want to revert back to full-body suits they wore in the fall.

Others are determined to stick with Under Armour's solution, which has been described as "the fastest speedskating suit ever made." But an apparent flaw with the suit's design is reportedly letting in extra air and creating unwanted drag for skaters. Under Armour has made alterations for some athletes during the Olympics, but the team's performance hasn't improved any. The next speedskating events are scheduled for Saturday, so the US will need to get permission and reach a team-wide consensus if a change is to be made.