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Xbox One February update now rolling out to consoles

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Xbox One 1024px
Xbox One 1024px

Microsoft’s first major Xbox One update is now rolling out to consoles worldwide. The update was supposed to be released earlier this week, but Microsoft pushed it back for unknown reasons. The February update provides a number improvements primarily focused on managing content and displaying the battery life of controllers on the home screen. The update will allow Xbox One owners to see what has been downloaded and installed, and separates out the My Games and My Apps sections to make it easier to manage libraries of games and apps. It also adds an option to use a USB keyboard with the console.

It’s rolling out immediately, but that doesn’t mean every console will be able to install it straight away. Microsoft notes that Xbox One owners who use the "Instant On" mode will receive the update automatically the next time the console is turned off. That’s the vast majority of Xbox Owners, and the update will install during "off-peak hours."

Just in time for the Titanfall beta

Microsoft is also planning to release another update in March designed to address Xbox Live and party chat issues. Today's February update comes just as Microsoft opens up its Xbox Live Gold service to gamers for free this weekend, alongside the TItanfall beta. February's update also includes some Xbox One controller fixes specifically forTitanfall. It’s not clear if you can force consoles to update immediately, but the new features should hit all consoles at some point over the weekend either way.