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Motorola's $70-off Moto X deal extended through February 22nd

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Moto X jeans (1024px)
Moto X jeans (1024px)

Motorola is extending a promotion on the unlocked version of its Moto X that was originally set to expire at midnight tonight. The $70-off deal, which brings the 16GB entry-level model down to $329, will now run through February 22nd. Motorola announced the extension on Twitter, saying it was in honor of Valentine's Day. The discount was offered at the end of last month as a make-up for a $100 off promotion that was live for just an hour, causing many buyers to scramble. That discount also came just weeks after the company permanently trimmed the price of the phone by $180.

The Moto X has become a Google/Motorola artifact

The Moto X has managed to become a historical artifact in the tie-up between Google and Motorola, which Google is selling to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. It was designed to be the flagship phone for Android, and one that showed the interplay between Google's software smarts and Motorola's engineering teams. That included features like a special chipset designed to be always listening for voice commands, and a custom ordering tool that let buyers pick each individual detail of their phone before it shipped. Motorola followed up three months later with the Moto G, a less-featured device aimed at both developing markets and people who want an inexpensive phone.