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New season of 'Orange Is the New Black' premieres on June 6th

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Orange is the New Black publicity still (NETFLIX)
Orange is the New Black publicity still (NETFLIX)

Netflix cleverly revealed that the new season of critical darling Orange Is the New Black will premiere on June 6th. The reveal came after the credits during House of Cards' second season finale, a quiet reminder that you should always stick around even after the shows ends.

Orange Is the New Black, which follows suburban-stereotype-with-a-past Piper Chapman as she endures a yearlong stint in prison, earned acclaim last year for its direction and particularly its diverse cast, making it an important entry in Netflix's stable of original content. Lead actress Taylor Schilling went on to earn a Golden Globe nomination, though she lost to House of Cards' Robin Wright. While details on the new season are slim, filming is already underway.