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The Bible has too many camels

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Camels (Flickr)
Camels (Flickr)

Camels are a familiar sight in the Bible, but researchers point out that in many instances they're actually out of place. As the New York Times reports, many biblical stories involving camels take place long before the animals were actually domesticated — researchers from Tel Aviv University used radiocarbon dating to determine that the earliest known camels to be domesticated in Israel lived decades, and in some cases centuries, after they were featured in biblical tales. The research provides further evidence that many of these stories were written well after the events actually took place, though of course the inclusion of camels doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the Bible is historically inaccurate. "One should be careful not to rush to the conclusion that the new archaeological findings automatically deny any historical value from the biblical stories," Tel Aviv University professor Dr. Mizrahi told the Times. Be sure to check out the full article at the source link below.