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Jamaica's tourism board releases 8-bit style video celebrating its bobsled team

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The Bobsled Song
The Bobsled Song

The Jamaican bobsled team hasn't shied away from having fun on its route to the Sochi Winter Olympics — the team turned to PayPal and crowdfunding to get the money it needed to return (and got a boost from the oft-charitable Dogecoin foundation). Now that the team is officially at Sochi, Jamaica's tourism board is doing its best to get people pumped for the competition by releasing "The Bobsled Song" — a tune with an amusing and pixelated video meant to be synced up and played alongside the Jamaican team's run. The video directs watchers to start it up right when the team begins its race — but unfortunately, the good vibes from "The Bobsled Song" didn't carry over into the team's performance today. The Jamaican team was in 30th place at the end of their competition on Sunday. Despite the tough day, however, the video for "The Bobsled Song" is still worth a watch.