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The Verge Store has been updated with a few surprises!

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verge store lead2
verge store lead2

We've got some exciting news about The Verge Store!

Starting right now, a limited edition Verge t-shirt is available for $40. Only 50 of these shirts exist, so act fast if you really want one. Once they're gone, they're gone forever.

Also, The Verge sticker packs are back in stock.

And finally, starting right now, every regular t-shirt is 20 percent off today through Wednesday — use "verge20" at checkout.

Update: Small, medium, and large of the limited edition t-shirt have sold out. There are still XL and XXL!

  • 20% Discount

    The Verge t-shirts you know and love, at a lower price. Discount code: verge20