Get a few clicks into NewHive, and suddenly pills have taken over your screen: giant white tablets of premium mood stabilizer set against a backdrop flashing black and white in a rhythm carefully calibrated to give you a seizure. An earsplitting scream emerges from your computer speakers while you focus on the two text-message bubbles sitting on top of the mess:

that xanax that austin sent is

"Intense" is a good way to describe NewHive, a new platform for creation that is coming out of private beta today. This particular creation, called "im ok," was made by a mischievous user who creates under the name Pepsi. (On Twitter, he is better known as sadjew.) Pepsi’s glitchy, discomfiting pieces of culture-jamming fit right in on NewHive. Billing itself as "the blank canvas of the web," it's a place that takes the anything-goes spirit of 4Chan and YTMND and tries to make it as easy to use as Tumblr.

On New Hive, you'll find digital art books that pair still images with animations; the works of Walter Benjamin remixed and accompanied by GIFs; and artist Molly Soda making gaudy Valentines out of messages that suitors sent her on OKCupid. "We want to make the web weird again," says Zach Verdin, the company's co-founder and CEO. In an era where most venture-backed startups are focusing on mobile apps, NewHive is a company betting boldly on the web.