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First Bitcoin ATMs coming to the US this month

First Bitcoin ATMs coming to the US this month


Seattle and Austin will continue what Vancouver started

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Following the successful launch of an ATM in Vancouver last year, Bitcoin ATM maker Robocoin will install similar machines in Seattle and Austin this month. Touted by Robocoin as the first US Bitcoin ATMs, the machines cost around $19,000 and differ slightly from regular ATMs thanks to additional security measures like a scanner for a passport or driver's license.

In addition to the US launch, Robocoin is also planning to bring its machines to Asia in the coming weeks. The company's Vancouver ATM, operated by local company Bitcoiniacs, processed over $900,000 in transactions in its first month, leading some to believe that the company is onto a winning formula. Nestled in a Vancouver cafe, the machine is automated, but is regularly accompanied by a representative who helps out users that have any issues.

Separately, Bitcoiniacs announced yesterday it plans to launch ATMs in London and Singapore that will be operated with a "similar set-up" to its Vancouver pilot. The new US ATMs don't appear to be managed by Bitcoiniacs, however, and it's not clear which company will operate the machines or whether they'll hire someone to monitor their use. We've reached out to Robocoin for more details.