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HTC sets March 25th date for its next flagship phone launch

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Here comes the next One

HTC One (verge stock)
HTC One (verge stock)

HTC is distributing press invitations for its next big event, scheduled for March 25th, where the company's next flagship smartphone will be revealed. As with the HTC One launch in February of last year, the announcement will be made via simultaneous events in London and New York, and HTC promises that the phone in question will be its "primary flagship for 2014."

Numerous leaks have already identified the new handset as a refinement of the current One — potentially with a larger screen in a similar physical footprint and a dual-sensor camera — with the product name also expected to remain unchanged. Codenamed the M8, the new One is likely to usher in the latest version of HTC's Sense software atop the Android platform that's become the company's focus over the past couple of years. If there's anything surprising about this launch, it may be that it's timed a full month after Samsung's prospective launch of the Galaxy S5. HTC is already behind in market share, can it afford to be late to the 2014 flagship party as well?