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An hour on Skype could exorcise your demons

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Skype exorcism (Daily Beast)
Skype exorcism (Daily Beast)

Many jobs are moving online, and the changes that shift inspires can be somewhat surprising — like an exorcist that utilizes Skype, for instance. In the Daily Beast, Scott Bixby details his encounter with Reverend Bob Larson, who claims to have exorcised more than 20,000 demons over the course of his career. Now, he's turning to the web, using Skype to perform hour-long sessions with people all over the globe (with a $295 suggested donation). In Bixby's case, it started out as a friendly conversation along the lines of a therapy session before descending into something altogether different. "His apparently sincere desire to help me deal with my problems made his transition to Exorcist Bob all the more jarring," Bixby says. Be sure to check out the entire experience — including some video highlights — at the Daily Beast.