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Bing WP8 apps
Bing WP8 apps

Microsoft is rolling out a set of updates to its Windows Phone Bing apps today to allow them to sync with their Windows 8 equivalents. Bing News, Finance, Weather, and Sports are all being updated, and Microsoft is also introducing new Food & Drink, Travel, and Health & Fitness apps. Each app includes a new option to sign-in with a Microsoft account and sync information and data between the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions.

Seven Bing apps now work across Windows and Windows Phone

In the News app, sources of news can be customized and synced across Windows 8 and Windows Phone, while the Sports app will sync favorite teams across Windows devices. Some of Microsoft’s Bing apps have been available since August, but today’s sync rollout makes them a lot more useful if you’re also a Windows 8 user.

A new Food & Drink app for Windows Phone is very similar to the existing Windows 8 app, providing recipes and shopping list management. The Health & Fitness app also compliments the Windows 8 version, with the ability to tailor the app around fitness goals and activity tracking. It also includes a GPS tracker feature that, like many other health-related apps, will track a run and automatically update a cardio tracker feature within the app. Bing Travel for Windows Phone is equally similar to the Windows 8 version, but it doesn’t provide access to the impressive panoramic photos available on tablets and PCs.

All of the latest Bing Windows Phone apps are available immediately in the Windows Phone Store.