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Cortana Leaks [Update 5]

111 have started leaking lots of information on Cortana based on data found burried inside the SDK.

Here's what we can assume from those leaks:

(I should add that the source seems reliable and the data seems legit, but since the final build is not released yet, and the leaks are mostly text strings out of context, these are just assumptions)

  • You can change Cortana's name. It's named Cortana by default.
  • Cortana is available in different languages.
  • There are visual representations of Cortana's emotional states and reactions, designed on the basis of some sort of circle (probably an emoticon type of design). Its expressions are: Abashed, Alert, Bouncy, Calm, Considerate, Elated, Greeting (probably 4 versions), Listening, Need More, Intro, Optimistic, Reminder, Satisfied, Sensitive, Speaking, Thinking
  • There are 38 different versions of Cortana's greeting line ("Hi, name, how can I help?", "What's up, name?", "What else can I do for you?", etc.)
  • Cortana saves all kinds of relevant personal data (your name, your reminders, your inner circle, etc.) in what's called Cortana's "personal notebook", which is stored locally and synchs via the cloud. That notebook can be cleared.
  • The types of information Cortana handles include: weather, stock, traffic, directions, calendar, time, places, persons, music, notes, calls and texts.
  • Cortana can handle settings including modes and connectivity.
  • Cortana can automatically turn on "quiet hours"
  • During "quiet hours" Cortana handles calls and texts.
  • There's some sort of Cortana tile for the Start screen.

Exciting, right? ;)

The guys at windows phone lovers are going to leak more information, so I'll update this thread accordingly.


  • Cortana can automatically scan your mails for useful information. For example it can track flights mentioned in your mails.


  • Cortana only works in certain regions and can be disabled by "company policy"


  • Things you can ask Cortana about: weather (current, forecast), news (headlines, specific topics), "who is..." type of questions, conversions, stock (general situation, specific stocks), nutritional values, your schedule, directions, opening hours, your location
  • Actions Cortana can do for you: call and text contacts, set alarms, create or change appointments, play music, create location-dependent reminders, take notes
  • Things Cortana can search for: videos, places, events, recipes, apps


  • Looks like Cortana might be available in the following languages: de-de, en-gb, en-in, en-us, es-es, es-mx, fr-fr, it-it, ja-jp, pl-pl, pt-br, ru-ru, zh-cn, zh-hk, zh-tw (for each language there are different voices to choose from, male ones and female ones)


  • When battery saver is activated, some of Cortana's functionality is disabled. The user can adjust how battery saver impacts Cortana.