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Samsung bringing KitKat to Galaxy S4, others in the US

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Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchOn (765px)
Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchOn (765px)

KitKat is coming to some of the latest members of Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets in the US. Samsung says that the newest version of Android, 4.4.2 KitKat, will begin to roll out to select devices today and will continue throughout the coming months. Among those receiving the update are the Galaxy S III and 4 and the Galaxy Note II and 3 — alongside several others — though Samsung notes that availability may vary by carrier. That means that it may be some time before every device actually sees the update KitKat, but presumably most will be receiving it at some point.

The full list of devices set to receive the update also includes the Galaxy S4 Active, Zoom, and mini, the Galaxy S III mini, the Galaxy Mega and Light, the Galaxy Tab 3, the Galaxy Note 8, and both the previous and new versions of the Galaxy Note 10.1. Reports suggest that some carriers' devices began receiving the update even before today, so it appears that KitKat may be coming sooner rather than later — though Samsung hasn't announced a specific timeline for any given phone or tablet. While the devices will still be running TouchWiz on top of KitKat, they'll finally have access to the new Android features that Google introduced in October.