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Here's what 'Full House' might look like without the Olsen twins

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Everywhere you look, she's gone

Full House without Michelle (YouTube)
Full House without Michelle (YouTube)

First there was Garfield Minus Garfield, then the Star Wars prequels without Jar Jar Binks, and now there's Full House without Michelle, a snippet of the late-1980s show with all traces of the character — played by twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen — removed. Filmmaker Andrew Austin, who's working on a documentary about Mattel's Power Glove, spent some of his spare time editing the opening of Full House, along with one of its scenes, to get rid of Michelle (the character played by the Olsens). Austin tells The Verge that he spent months casually working on the project, with "a good portion of it" edited in Photoshop, frame-by-frame.

It was edited in Photoshop, frame-by-frame

The result is something that's likely to miff those that haven't seen the show before, but provides long-time viewers with a smirk as Michelle's character is artfully hidden. For instance, when the characters are sitting in the park in San Francisco where the show takes place, Michelle is replaced by a picnic basket. And in the car, her infant seat sits empty as the convertible drives across the Golden Gate Bridge.

This first installment was a fun side-project, Austin says. He could do an entire episode, but for now plans to pick specific scenes where removing Michelle is the best fit.