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First US Bitcoin vending machine opens in an Albuquerque cigar bar

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The first publicly-accessible Bitcoin vending machine in the United States has arrived in an "upscale cigar bar" in Albuquerque. Users of the Bitcoin machine that opened today in the New Mexico city can insert money, scan the QR code for their Bitcoin wallet, and have their funds transferred from dollars to the unregulated currency in a few seconds.

A similar machine, operated by Nevada-based Robocoin, opened outside a Vancouver coffee house last year. Robocoin planned to become the first company in the United States to offer a physical, automated Bitcoin sales kiosk when it introduces its Bitcoin ATMs — which cost around $19,000 — to Seattle and Austin this month, but the company was beaten to the punch by Enchanted Bitcoin, which operates the Albuquerque machine. The machine was designed by Lamassu last year, but its installation in Imbibe, a cigar bar and lounge, marks the first time it will be usable by the general public in the United States.