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China loves 'House of Cards'

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House of Cards Season 2 (NETFLIX)
House of Cards Season 2 (NETFLIX)

The second season of House of Cards has been a hit among viewers in the US, but the Netflix drama has proven to be just as popular among a seemingly unlikely audience: China's Communist Party. As the Washington Post reports, many high-ranking Chinese politicians have become hooked on the series, and it's garnered a substantial following among fans throughout the country. But some fear that the show's popularity may give viewers the wrong idea about American politics, reinforcing narratives of Chinese propaganda. "For Chinese, America is the big bugaboo in the world, so it makes sense that there’s interest in the intrigue and the power behind Washington,” said Michael Auslin of the American Enterprise Institute. "That said, it’s probably not a great thing if this is the only side they’re seeing. . . . To truly understand U.S. politics, I would prefer they watch C-SPAN, but that’s probably not realistic."