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Nokia launches Treasure Tag, a $30 gadget that helps you find your keys

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Nokia Treasure Tag
Nokia Treasure Tag

Nokia is finally unveiling its Treasure Tag accessory today, a $30 gadget that you can attach to keys, bags, and any other valuables you want to track. The Verge first revealed Nokia Treasure Tag back in July, and the current version looks identical to what Nokia was experimenting with nearly a year ago. Treasure Tag works by combining Bluetooth and NFC into a small match box-like device. The Tag pairs with a Lumia Windows Phone and acts as a sensor to locate what it’s attached to.

Nokia has built a Treasure Tag application for Windows Phone that will let users manage the sensor and locate it when it's lost. The app will also display the location of the sensor on a map, complete with Nokia's HERE application. You'll also be able to locate a phone that's paired to the sensor by holding down a key on the device. The sensor will trigger a notification sound on a phone, but only if it's within range. Nokia says its tags will have a battery life of around six months, with a replaceable battery on the reverse of the Tag. While this particular accessory is aimed at Lumia owners, Nokia says “there will also be third-party applications for Treasure Tag to support Android and iOS devices.” Nokia's Treasure Tag accessory start shipping in April, priced at 24.90 Euros (approximately $29.90) with a choice of cyan, yellow, white, and black colors.