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Print your furniture at home for just $39,000

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BigRep One 3D printer
BigRep One 3D printer

3D printing is slowly entering the mainstream thanks to consumer-focused printers from MakerBot and others. While it’s still an expensive hobby for the average household, a new BigRep One printer is aiming to entice even more consumers into 3D printing with its unusual ability to print furniture. The new open-source BigRep One features a large build volume capable of printing full-scale objects measuring 45 x 39 x 47 inches.

BigRep One can print standard nylons and plastics, but it also prints Laywood — a mixture of polymers and wood fibres that create a wood-like finish. It’s a good effect for indoor furniture, and there’s also Laybrick support for a sandstone effect that’s a little more rough-textured. BigRep One might be capable of printing furniture, but the price will limit its popularity with consumers. At $39,000 its build size is the main selling point, and more traditional consumer printers can be found for a lot less cash. Still, if you really want to 3D print some furniture for your living room then the BigRep One will start shipping in April or May.