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Samsung goes back to trashing Apple with latest commercials

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samsung ipad commercial
samsung ipad commercial

After some innovative advertising campaigns, Samsung's latest commercials once again find the company setting its sights on Apple. In a new ad for the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung calls upon an old friend, NBA star LeBron James to highlight the massive size difference between its 5.7-inch "phablet" and Apple's iPhone 5S. "4.0 inches of non-HD? LeBron's literally running away from this phone." Samsung labels it "a serious mismatch."

Another spot, this time for the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, is a direct assault on Cupertino's iPad Air "pencil" commercial. "It's an extremely simple tool, but also... extremely pointy," says Samsung's voice-over actor. (And no, it's not Bryan Cranston this time.) "It's been used to make tentative appoints, and to cheat at golf." Eventually the camera reveals Apple's latest iPad, but there's another device behind it — the "even thinner" Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1.

Samsung claims its own tablet is superior for watching video, and naturally the ad also trumpets the Galaxy Tab Pro's multitasking prowess. "Two things on screen at once versus up to one thing on screen at once." While it temporary veered away from the strategy, clearly Samsung has still feels a need to chip away at its chief rival — and it's not alone. You'll find both Samsung's ad and Apple's original commercial embedded below.