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New York's Grand Central to get mobile service and Wi-Fi, along with 39 other subway stations

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subway-metro-new york
subway-metro-new york

After rolling out Wi-Fi and cell service to dozens of New York City subway stations last year, Transit Wireless is ramping up its efforts with phase two of the project. The expansion includes 29 new stations in Queens and 11 in Manhattan, with Grand Central Terminal among them. According to the company, the latest additions to the project will provide around 250 million people a year with internet access while waiting for their train.

"We are setting the stage for future innovations."

"We are not only extending our network to all underground stations in Queens and additional stations in Manhattan," says Transit CEO William A. Bayne Jr., "we are setting the stage for future innovations that will provide riders with an enhanced experience in the New York City subway system."

Along with expansion details, Transit also released some information on just how much New Yorkers have been using the service so far. According to the company, its Wi-Fi network had 2.6 million connections through its 36 stations last year, processing 60 terabytes of data. Unsurprisingly, smartphones made up the bulk of that data usage, accounting for 76 percent. Phase two of Transit's most recent expansion is expected to be finished by June.