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Seth Meyers talks about his jump to 'Late Night' and teases the set in this new behind-the-scenes clip

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seth meyers set preview
seth meyers set preview

It's been just two days since Jimmy Fallon took over hosting duties for The Tonight Show. The transition so far has been nothing if not smooth, with many of Fallon's most well-known Late Night segments in tow (e.g. "evolution of dance," "Pros and Cons," and a barbershop quartet). Next week marks the beginning of something completely different: a new Late Night hosted by former Saturday Night Live head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers.

What Late Night will be — both when it debuts and months later as it finds its voice — is something of a mystery. This new promo from NBC plays up Meyers' "Weekend Update" roots, arguably the strongest idea yet of what he'll be like as a host. But it also offers a brief look at the new studio. What we see of the set is still very much a work in progress and doesn't reveal too much in the way of how it'll ultimately be used. We'll find out soon enough: Late Night with Seth Meyers premieres Monday, February 24th after The Tonight Show, with first guests Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden (really), and music by A Great Big World. Here's the full lineup:

  • Monday: Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden, A Great Big World
  • Tuesday: Kanye West, author Robyn Doolittle
  • Wednesday: Kelly Ripa, Brad Paisley
  • Thursday: Lena Dunham, Anthony Mackie, John Mayer Trio
  • Friday: Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, Sophia Bush, comedian Michael Che