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Microsoft to unveil Xbox One Media Remote this week

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Xbox One Media Remote
Xbox One Media Remote

Microsoft is planning to unveil its Xbox One Media Remote this week. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed to The Verge that the software giant will announce the new remote on February 20th, with a full release date scheduled for March 4th. Images of the new Media Remote leaked briefly on Amazon last week, showing a basic remote designed to control the Xbox One’s entertainment and TV features.

We understand the Media Remote will allow Xbox One users to navigate, launch, and control media apps, and it will also work as an infrared remote to control TV or AV receiver volume. The remote also has a button to launch the OneGuide TV feature, but we’re told the channel up and down buttons will only work in the US within the TV app, largely because this feature has not yet rolled out internationally. Expect a full announcement from Microsoft tomorrow, complete with March 4th availability and pricing details.

Update: as expected, Microsoft has announced its Xbox One Media Remote. The company says the remote will be released in early March worldwide for $24.99.