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Square joins the fight against AIDS with Red credit card reader

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Squa(red) reader
Squa(red) reader

Square is offering a new, red version of its signature credit card reader in support of the fight against AIDS. Fittingly, the new product is called Squa(red) and is available for purchase in the US right now. Square says 97.25 percent of the $10 purchase price will be directed to the Red charity, an amount that "could provide more than 24 days of life-saving medicine for someone living with HIV." But contributions don't have to end there; when you swipe a credit card using Squa(red), buyers will see a link on their emailed receipt allowing them to donate directly to Red and the global fund to fight AIDS. It's a shame users can't tack on donations directly when buying items, but it's still good to see Square doing its part. The payments company recently updated its card reader with a slimmer design and improved swiping accuracy.