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Surface 2 with LTE support edges closer to release

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Surface 2
Surface 2

Microsoft promised it would release a Surface 2 with LTE support “early” this year, and it appears the company is nearly ready to update its ARM-based tablet. A Surface 2 tablet complete with AT&T-ready LTE support has passed through the FCC this week, indicating that its arrival is imminent. Microsoft’s Surface chief Panos Panay previously revealed that the company is planning to release Surface 2 models with LTE support on AT&T and Vodafone in Europe.

The FCC approval is the latest step towards the Surface 2 LTE release, which will likely take place in the coming weeks if Microsoft is still planning to hit its “early” 2014 goal. While the Windows RT-based Surface 2 tablet will debut with LTE support, Microsoft is not planning to update its Surface Pro 2 tablet with the same LTE connectivity. However, it’s possible that Microsoft’s rumored “Surface Mini” could debut with LTE connectivity. Microsoft is expected to unveil its 7- or 8-inch tablet in spring.