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Kia's 'Matrix' Super Bowl ad has us asking for the blue pill

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Morpheus in a Kia
Morpheus in a Kia

"Take the blue key, go back to the luxury you know. You take the red key, and you'll never look at luxury the same again."

The next thing you know, Morpheus is inexplicably in the back seat of a Kia, singing Puccini's "Turandot" and ruining college-aged memories of the transformational sci-fi thriller that blew your mind out of your skull.

There is something uniquely disheartening about Morpheus running his hand over the plush leather and telling you that "this is what [luxury] feels like." And it's not the first time advertisers have gone to the Matrix well: Agent Smith was just cut a check by GE not long ago.

Trinity, are you next?