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Volvo wants packages delivered directly to your car

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A digital key will give the courier one-time access to your vehicle

volvo roam delivery
volvo roam delivery

Taking an unorthodox approach to the concept of a connected car, Volvo has today revealed a new roam delivery service it is trying out. It's built around the car company's Volvo On Call and Sensus Connect technologies, allowing couriers to locate and access your vehicle — even while you're away from it — to drop off their packages. This is done via a digital key that will be activated once you've accepted the delivery and deactivated as soon as the car's locked again. Smartphone and tablet apps will ping out relevant alerts and keep you updated, but the big hurdle to adoption here will surely be the level of trust that's required from the car owner.

While there's undeniable convenience in being able to receive your groceries straight to the car, it's likely that many people will need to be convinced by the technology's security before investing their trust in it. Volvo's initial trial has shown as much, with 92 percent of participants saying they found the roam delivery option more convenient than receiving their online orders at home. The company promises to give a full demonstration of the service at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.