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Valve's 'Dota 2' pro gaming documentary debuts March 19th

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Professional gaming has become more popular than ever, and Valve is looking to highlight some of the people who are pushing the new medium of sports forward. Surprisingly enough, the game and software developer has produced a feature-length documentary titled Free to Play that followers professional gamers preparing to compete in a tournament of Dota 2 — one of the biggest names in competitive gaming. Aside from the preparation that goes into the competition, the documentary covers the remaining stigma around professional gaming and how some competitors dealt with that on their way to compete in a million-dollar tournament.

Like Dota 2, Free to Play will be free to play when it's released on March 19th, and Valve has just debuted a new trailer introducing the three gamers that it'll be following around. Despite the inexperienced name behind it, the film appears to be a high-quality production. Of course, everything from the movie to the featured game to the featured tournament has Valve behind it, so the film is far from a pure piece of passion or entertainment — it's in many ways an elaborate ad. Even so, Valve has a huge presence in professional gaming, and there's nothing wrong with flaunting that — especially when it looks this well-made.