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University of Maryland says student records hacked dating back to 1998

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University of Maryland (Flickr)
University of Maryland (Flickr)

The University of Maryland has been victim to what it describes as "a sophisticated computer security attack that exposed records containing personal information." The hacked database contained information on 309,079 students, staff, and faculty members, including their social security numbers, birth dates, and school ID numbers. The records date back to 1998 and cover two different campuses, College Park and Shady Grove.

"We need to do more and better."

The school is quick to point out that more personal information — such as financial, medical, or contact details — was not compromised during the breach. "With the assistance of experts, we are handling this matter with an abundance of caution and diligence," says university president Wallace D. Loh, while noting that the school recently doubled the number of security engineers and analysts on its IT staff. "Obviously, we need to do more and better, and we will," he says. Those impacted by the breach will receive one year of free credit monitoring from the university.

"We are doing everything possible to protect any personal information that may be compromised," says Loh.