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Best New Apps: Poki

Best New Apps: Poki


The ideal Pocket client for Windows Phone

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poki lead
poki lead

Pocket lets me save articles so I can read them across all my devices, but a lack of official Windows Phone support means I’ve been searching for a good alternative for months. I’ve tried a variety of third-party versions like Owl Reader and Pouch, but none strike the perfect balance of features and design like the official Pocket apps for iOS and Android. The latest contender, Poki, blends the flat "Metro" design of Windows Phone with the basic features of Pocket and mixes in some rather unique additions of its own.

I’m not a Pocket power user who saves audio and video, and Poki lacks solid YouTube support, but I do like to read articles while I’m commuting. Poki syncs articles with Pocket and includes a mixture of light and dark themes with customizable font styles, sizes, and alignments to make reading articles more comfortable. There are options to share via email, SMS, and social networks, but it’s the tiny visual elements throughout the app make it a joy to use: a progress circle animates and provides a visual reminder of how far into an article you are as you read, context menus pop into view, and there’s even a "listen" option that reads the article to you. Combined with the subtle animations and stylized options and features, it feels like a native Windows Phone app.

Download a trial for free with up to 50 requests to the Pocket service, or get the full app for $1.99 at the Windows Phone Store.

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