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Microsoft invites Xbox One owners to test future updates

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Xbox One lead 2040px
Xbox One lead 2040px

Microsoft is inviting a select number of Xbox One owners to test its upcoming March dashboard update. The software giant is planning to release an update next month focused on improving the multiplayer Xbox Live features, party chat, and friends app. Microsoft is randomly selecting Xbox One users to trial the update today and provide feedback ahead of its March release.

Xbox One owners will be notified to join the special preview program by an Xbox Live message with a code for participation. The March system update will then begin rolling out next week to preview testers. It's not immediately clear why Microsoft is launching a preview program for this particular update, but February's recent system update has generated a blackscreen issue for some Xbox One owners so the company could be aiming to test future updates more widely. Xbox One owners who are invited to test the March update will also gain access to future update previews “as they become available.” While Microsoft previously promised its next dashboard update would arrive on March 4th, the company revised that date recently and says it will arrive in “early March” ahead of the Titanfall release on March 11th.