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New trailers: ‘Penny Dreadful,’ ‘22 Jump Street,’ ‘Locke,’ and ‘Not Safe For Work’

New trailers: ‘Penny Dreadful,’ ‘22 Jump Street,’ ‘Locke,’ and ‘Not Safe For Work’

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Penny Dreadful screencap (SHOWTIME)
Penny Dreadful screencap (SHOWTIME)

There are several new movies opening up this weekend, but let’s face it: you really just want to head back to the theater for another showing of The Lego Movie. What is there to look forward to afterwards? Let’s watch some of the latest trailers and find out.

Penny Dreadful

Judging from this trailer, Showtime’s latest series takes quite a bit of inspiration from the likes of American Horror Story — but that doesn’t make it any less unsettling. Created by screenwriter and playwright John Logan (Skyfall, The Aviator), the show takes place in a ghastly turn-of-the-century London where some of horror’s classic literary figures are given the chance to intermingle. It’s set to debut this May — and we’ll certainly be watching.

22 Jump Street

The directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street) have a track record of taking concepts that could be questionable in someone else’s hands, and turning them into memorable movies instead. Now they’re reteaming with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum for a Jump Street sequel where the two leads go undercover in college. Sure, it’s the set-up we all knew was coming — but with Lord and Miller at the helm, it’s all about the ride.


In this UK thriller Tom Hardy plays a construction manager whose life begins to unravel over a series of phone calls. The catch? It all happens in real time while he’s in his car, and the film never leaves his side the entire time. The concept sounds like it could result in a gimmicky exercise, but Locke has been impressing critics at film festivals across the world. Audiences will get a chance to decide for themselves this April.

Not Safe For Work

After Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston took the obvious follow-up gig: making a low-budget horror flick. Max Minghella (The Social Network) stars as a paralegal who happens upon some murder and mayhem while working late at the office. Despite Johnston’s pedigree, however, this one is bypassing theaters and going straight to video on demand instead.