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Watch 'Ukraine Burning,' a powerful documentary on Kiev conflict

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A peace deal could soon be on the way

vice ukraine documentary
vice ukraine documentary

After a relatively quiet month, violent conflicts again erupted in Ukraine's capital Kiev this week as protestors clashed with armed forces. Widely shared images and videos have given observers some idea of the horrific nature of events in Kiev, but a Vice documentary provides an inside look at the conflict. Last month, Vice editor and photographer Henry Langston spent time on the front lines with protestors during a period of escalated violence due to a controversial law that criminalized unauthorized protesting. The balanced, thoughtful, but nonetheless shocking documentary Ukraine Burning is the result.

As bleak as the situation looks, Ukraine may find peace again through a deal that could be announced in the next few hours. The agreement would restore the country's 2004 constitution, see a new government installed within 10 days, and guarantee democratic elections within 10 months. While previous concessions have failed to halt the protests and foreign ambassadors are urging caution, it's hoped this deal will be enough to end the brutal violence.